Welcome to Sweet Stems

a place where everyone is encouraged to be kind and intentional


Welcome to Sweet Stems! We are all about fresh flowers, strong coffee, and love! Here at Sweet Stems, we believe that fresh flowers can truly brighten the day and bring so much joy. We offer arrangements and wrapped bouquets that can be purchased as one-time purchases as well as a subscription

Wait, you mean I can get fresh flowers delivered to me every month {or every 2 weeks or weekly}?!

YES! It's great, right! We think so, too!

The mission behind the subscription service is to create the opportunity for people to pause, to do something for themselves (there is no shame in buying yourself flowers just like there is no shame in buying yourself that fancy cup of coffee) or others. Love yourself and those around you. I truly believe that we are made to build each other up, to encourage each other, to be there for each other.

I see so much beauty in flowers and I want you to see that beauty, too.

Fresh flowers

delivered right to your door on a consistent basis?!

Yes, please!